Saturday, August 20

2016.08.20 Spillin Ink and Cuttin Words

This happened today. 

Listening: Let me Love You by DJ Snake 
Dreaming: Of an iced 007 from Summermoon
Grateful: For the ability to make art, the peace that comes after I've spilled out everything I am, quiet spaces like Cenote to process life and the kale avocado goat cheese salad that makes my tummy so damn happy    

Neil Gaiman said it best.

 "And when things get tough, this is what you should do: Make art.

I'm serious. Husband runs off? Make good art. Leg crushed and then eaten by mutated boa constrictor? Make good art. IRS on your trail? Make good art. Cat exploded? Make good art. Somebody on the Internet thinks what you do is stupid or evil or it's all been done before? Make good art. Probably things will work out somehow, and eventually time will take the sting away, but that doesn't matter. Do what only you do best. Make good art.

Make it on the good days too."

 It's always in the details.
I noticed myself first being really attentive to what I put where and 
then it was a beautiful process of letting go... definitely meditative. 
Definitely doing this again.
It felt so damn good to have paint/glue covered hands. Computers and megabytes will never fulfill me. I was made to make things with these hands.

 Not sure what I'll end up doing with it. I've never done anything like it before. I collaged on a canvas of an image I shot from Town Lake with two kayakers from the Lamar Bridge. I don't know if it's done or not and I don't know if I'll keep it.
But between the freaking lightning storm around 3:30/4 that had me hiding in my bath tub 
(good gosh, I'm not even talking metaphorically speaking here), the helluva meeting this morning that had me trying to process LIFE... today definitely felt like one for the books. 

Sadly it's back to computer screens and edits.

That is on my to-do list this month: hire an editor. That will make me one freakin happy girl to let go of that beast. I need to. May I actually do it and not just say it. 
Since we're quoting some greats tonight, let's just go ahead and quote Yul Brynner:
"So let it be written. So let it be DONE!"

 (If you don't know who that is, if you can't tell me who Charlton Heston is, uh, we can't be friends. :) ha 

Friday, August 19

2016.08.19 The Whisper on the Wind

"What if all we have ever wanted isn't hiding in some secret and far away dream, but inside of us now?" Tyler Knott writes. He typed about love, and really now, what can't be boiled down to love?  

On this late summer afternoon the wind on my porch moves the leaves of this fiddle leaf fig, moves in me as the thoughts in my head keep drifting back to in life, flowing like a river, going with the flow.

How is this possible? Can we create an environment for ourselves in which we can- no, we must listen to what our hearts, our bodies tell us we need? If we don't listen, what is the consequence? A missed opportunity? (ie: not getting the fabulous job of our dreams) Can we be so bold to admit- our very lives? 

Earlier last week when I was sharing a table with two of the finest women I know talking about making changes in our lives and impacting our community with spreading the idea that we must give ourselves permission to be who we feel we are called to be, we must get out of our own way to live our lives to the fullest of who we are, and my first response was:
"Yes! Who can we band together with? What big campaign can we put together to share this!!" 
And Shari, in her cool calm understated tone of perhaps sounding as if she is questioning herself (but we all wonder what profound truth is about to emerge) says
"I don't think we need some big grand campaign. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that. But these conversations right here, this is where change begins."

Somehow my mind drifted to the cover of Gregory Alan Isakov's latest album where there is a fire in the palm of a single nail-bitten hand and almost instantly my mind combusted, right there on the porch of that little cafe and the splinters of Shari and Kate and I's thoughts floated down around us like snow flakes re-penetrating each of our minds with the realization that in truth, yes, this conversation right here, one torch to one torch, one heart to one heart, inside of us now, this is where change begins. 

"It is not that we have forgotten" the Buddha reminds us, "only how soon we remember." 

I have much to remember, I am remembering. The grace I give so freely to others I am incapable of gifting to myself. That sort of change. The change that says we need to speak the truth to others, even when it might hurt, but it will heal. The change that says even when money is tight we must quit, say no to one job to pursue another perhaps not as lucrative one to allow ourselves to live fully alive

This is wu wei. This is going with the flow. This is trusting our intuition. It is walking on the foundation that everything will work out. We trust this wind, though we can not see it and will never in our life time see it but we feel it, we feel it blow through us. The secret isn't hiding in some far off place but inside of each of us, here, now.

Are we taking the time to quiet our hearts, our lives, for even a brief moment, long enough to listen? 

Wednesday, August 17

2016.08.17 Mirrored Murals + Paddleboard Painting

"What if I fall?" the ink reads on one side discreetly tucked beneath his hat.
And on the other: "But what if I fly?"

I was in Long Beach, California on a gig sponsored by the LBCVB
The Long Beach Center of Visitors Bureau to capture and tell the stories of the city and the artists/makers of POW WOW Long Beach. That deserves a blog post all on its own.

Meet the painter Sean Yoro and his lovely, Melissa. They were flown in from NYC.

I couldn't wrap my brain around during the interview of Sean, when we all were bobbing up and down on the water, him describing the process of how long it would take to just do one brushstroke on the concrete pillar, waiting for the platform to bob back down again, I didn't understand why no one was asking about his tattoos. Why wasn't anyone more interested about his reason for even being here, now. His ink was fresh ink. I was asking about what was on his neck but over the crowd he couldn't hear and began in an explanation about his hands, the ink scratched into this fingers. He was ignorant of me and I was amused he was talking to InkedFingers.
"Holo holo is what's on my hands, a Hawaiian term you say when you go off fishing.
But it's like you do it so often, you're adventuring... 
You don't really tell anyone exactly what you're doing.
You don't describe it. You just go off and do it."

That's what Sean did. If my memory serves me correctly he quietly, without fanfare moved to NY and began, ever so valiantly, what he felt HIS work was. Not the work anyone demanded of him. Not the work he thought others wanted to see him create, but his voice and he told very few.
That's so contradictory to today's society or the one I grew up in. 
That's so unAmerican of you, Sean.

When the time was right, when his work was where he wanted, then he created this Hula brand
Even since these photographs I shot of him in Long Beach, a mere month ago, Sean has done work for Instagram painting on icebergs (you heard me right!) and continues to travel around the world making his art.
It's unreal. It's what I believe is man fully alive.

Here you can see him telling us more about his painting process. 

I asked how they met. Melissa said she was the curator for one of his shows. 
So so sweet. To me it felt like a quiet steady kind of love.

Thank you two for allowing me into your energy, for trusting me with who you are.
You are so so beautiful. 
Perhaps the stars will align when I'm in Brooklyn in the fall.

Cheers to your adventures ahead. 

Above image pulled from his Facebook of the mostly completed art in Long Beach.
See Sean perched three tiers up??

Sean's Website: By Hula

Monday, August 15

2016.08.15 Inked Fingers & Ink

Monday is typically my nose to the grindstone day as Emiliana is in school. Last night, however the poor girl didn't sleep because of a cough/runny nose so I decided to keep her home to not infect the other kids. That means play time, even if half the time she's lying on the floor. :)

She currently is obsessed with the d700. It's funny. She sees it sitting around and thinks she just has free reign to grab it, stack up the cd boxes (my backups) as a tripod makeshift thing and then tells me what to do! haha You know how much I HATE being in front of the camera but I'm trying to be better, be it even for her sake. Here are a few of my favorites she took.

I'm working on a top secret project which involves some of Anthropologie's gift wrap I had in my flat files from years past and of course if I'm drawing I can't NOT let Emilia join in. Can you tell which ones she did? :)

Friday, August 12

2016.08.10 Kinfolk 101

A breath of fresh air.
That's what these girls are to me.

She is most notably recognized as the face and heart behind The Archibald Project 
which if you have no idea what I'm talking about go now, here:
I feel like I meet with Whitney every 4-6 months and every time just gets
more intense, more timely, more wisdom shared and greater paths aligned.
She didn't know I gave up social media or began blogging recently (who does haha)
 and almost immediately when she sat down began a conversation that mirrored the blog post I wrote 2 days ago, mostly about permission, about authenticity in our online presence/voice.

Also earlier that morning I happened upon a couple of photos of lions/lionesses and Whitney
proceeds to share with me about her recently discovered spirit animal, you guessed it, the LION! 
Of course I freak out and read her what the posts say and everything, I do mean 
everything just kept lining up like that. Unreal. The door swung both ways. 
Verses and quotes on her heart were exactly what I needed to hear and that 
whole time there was this breeze blowing through the patio that, as she so
perfectly stated just reflected our conversation: a breath of fresh air.

So when I first saw her beautiful self,I was immediately drawn to her necklaces and said something 
like "OK you know you're going to have to tell me the story behind those, right?!"
And story there was indeed! 
It was so near and dear to her heart next time you meet her, you'll have to ask her for yourself.

PS: Whitney, you KNOW I'm waiting on your Friday news too! You better email me! haha x

Oh Kate darling.

If you only knew the number of times you've saved me, saved me from myself.
You're patient and kind and somehow you understand every little quirk.

we're done here Carli."

Last but most certainly not least,
[ owner of Charm School Vintage ]

Ohhhhhh Shari. Every 
I am at a point in my life I need some good vibes
this girl, like a genie in a bottle just SHOWS UP in my life!
There she was, sitting in the coffee shop I walk into. Holy smokes.
Of course it's Shari, because of course I need your freaking positive 
healing energy to just make everything better. 

Everything that has happened recently in my life
has left me cracked open, a raw heart and somehow 
these Lovelies met me there, in that vulnerable space and 
just water-falled love and grace on this spirit. 

I am so grateful for each of you!
I can't say that enough.

Thank you for allowing me to point the camera 
on your incredible soul.
Thank you for taking time out of your day to breathe life back into me
to create and dream big and philosophize!

You gals are as legit as they come.