Tuesday, September 29

Vezina Family Portraits | The Mother of Boys

I met Fernanda at the kid's boutique Millie and Mox several years ago and have enjoyed having her and her family be so much a part of my life since! Helping her bring her vision for her family portrait session to life was a dream!

Wardrobe, makeup and styling: Marina Quiete
Children's wardrobe assist and props: Stella Rae Vintage
Hat: Goorin Brothers on South Congress

Since Fernanda has 2 boys she wanted to do a shoot where she felt totally glammed up because we all know living with a house full of boys is well.... just that. Marina (her sister and our stylist!) did a fabulous job of making her look like the stellar diva she is and remaking this world of dirt and magic and real life and boys boys boys! 

Thursday, September 24

A Collaboration on Hair

I'm not a videographer and I've had no formal training in it...

I just love being and doing anything creative and find it fascinating that we humans can do most anything we put our mind to, with no formal training only a few youtube videos, no fancy equipment, a whole lot of passion and a fabulous collaboration. 

Thank you Jean Barton for trusting me with your ideas and for allowing me to capture your glorious handiwork that appears when you touch any locks! Thank you Liz for just being a beautiful human being, taking direction otherworldly and letting us steal you for the whole morning! 

I shot and edited the movie in about 48 hours total. Shooting this, planning this, editing this, making this didn't even feel like work. Here's to more of THAT!


Monday, September 14

Motorola MotoShoot

The Motorola MotoShoot event in NYC last week was unreal. I knew it would be fun engaging with new faces and cutting edge technology, but there was no way I could know just how fun it was styling and making others feel like a million bucks in Jack Studios. Why doesn't ATX have one of these?!

Below is a photo of Joseph's turn to rock it and me telling him "You're the boss!!!"

And here's me so happy to be around so many great people!

Those lovelies sure did energize me!

Check out that rose gold watch on my wrist above! Ou lala that's the Moto 360 I'm going to tell you about it second!

Modeling and styling was a huge highlight for me but what blew my mind was the sharpness of the Moto X Pure Edition camera! Here's photographer Justin Campbell using it to take photos!

And here's a few of the photos shot with the camera:
I was really tempted to edit them before posting but I wanted you to see even unedited these are really great pics!

(I think it's clear I belong on the opposite end of the camera! I spared you the outtakes! ha)

I can't forget to mention that I had the opportunity to shoot an engagement session while in NYC! It was incredible. Prior to my departure, I was unsure whether or not I was going to be shooting portraits so I only brought my 50mm with my dslr. The Moto X Pure Edition saved me! Here's one of my favorites I shot with the Moto X Pure Edition. I admit I did feel silly shooting part of the gig with a smartphone but you know what? We're living in a pretty amazing decade when it comes to technology. Embrace it.

The Moto 360… oh my goodness guys I'm dying over here. I don't even wear a watch because I'm so minimalist when it comes to jewelry. Let me be honest and say I don't wear earrings at all or rarely bracelets! But the Moto 360 is changing my mind. It's the very first fully customizable smart watch! Take that, competitors! 

Here I am putting it on one of our lovelies.

Check out the vast array of designs! Any band you can think of: sporty, classic, chic. So many great band options and faces! The thing that got me is I don't even have to take my phone on runs with me anymore! 

I'm completing this blogpost with a photo of my assistant/friend Ali and I... and we look like 2 children in the candy store! haha With all of those devices at our fingertips, candy store indeed! x

A huge thank you to Ali, who made sure I was where I needed to be all of the time, told me to chill the freak out, pretty much kept me on target and made last minute trips to buy accessories, kept me fed so I didn't bite her hand off, kept me from buying something from every bookstore in Brooklyn, etc etc etc You're a dream!

And of course thank you to the Motorola and Weber Shandwick team for putting up with us! I had to sneak in one last photo of the great group of gals I've been working with the last few weeks! Thank you!! I hope I have the privilege of working with you all again soon! The pleasure is mine! x

Wednesday, September 9

Google Photos + Hey Cupcake Collaboration

In collaboration with Google Photos and Hey Cupcake I had the pleasure of attending a recent pop-up event here in Austin! Austin is the epicenter of many great collabs! 

So you'd walk up, whip out your phone and the lovely Google people would randomly choose an object/place for you to find in your phone photos in 20 seconds! Ironically, the word chosen for me was "flight". The very last photo I shot was of Ali on the plane the night before! ha 
After finding the object in under 20 seconds you get a great big ol' cupcake! 

The beauty of the Google Photos app was first of all, I already had it downloaded on my new MotoX phone! What are the odds? Because we're by nature very visual people it felt very intuitive that you can see all of your photos by location or even search for them by key word. The square preview format is easy on the eyes. So amazing. Here's a screen shot from my recent time in NYC in Jack's Studios!

What blew my mind was when we woke up the second day, the phone had automatically created a highlight video of the day before, selecting a handful of key moments and putting it to music! I immediately shared it with friends! A smart app/phone indeed!

Check out more of the features here: Google Photos

Darcy and Jarrett's Brooklyn Engagements

I have to start this story from the beginning, but I'll keep it short and sweet!

Diana is my very dear and long time friend who happens to be a manager at Paper Place. She talked about how talented this planner named Gina was for years. It only seemed fitting that I finally meet and do a shoot with her!

About a year ago I did contact Gina Whittington to organize a personal project shoot, a collaboration of sorts. She was in charge of securing all of the outlying vendors including location, hair and makeup for the shoot. My project was called "Americana" and at the very last minute, a few days before our shoot, Gina's husband who owns a vintage bus rental company called Vintage Innovations, purchased one of Willie Nelson's old tour buses. Serendipitously we were able to shoot with the tour bus and I made some great connections that day, one of them being the hairdresser who just so happened to already be following me on IG.
She does phenomenal work and in fact I have used her in shoots since! Her name is Jean Barton.

Fast forward to about a month ago. I decided I should switch things up a bit with my hair and think "Who do I know who is a great hair dresser??" and Jean flashed in my head. She had only done work for my clients and models on shoots we worked, never my own. I called her up immediately and she was in such high demand she couldn't schedule my appt until a month out but she promised to fit me in if there was a cancellation.

Not by chance, the very next day there was a cancellation and guess who was in the chair next to me? A newly engaged lovely that didn't yet have a photographer! Her name was Darcy. She was currently living in between London and NYC and was absolutely charming.

Thankfully for me she booked Johnny and I as her wedding photographers for her Austin event. Woohoo!

It was all a little too coincidental that Darcy and Jarrett booked us just a few weeks before I booked a commercial campaign that would fly me to NYC.
They've lived in NYC for some time as I mentioned.
"What about if you shot our engagements while you're in town?!" Darcy emailed me. My heart skipped a beat. When my lovely assistant/friend Ali Meyer walked by one of the brownstones while we traipsed around NYC prior to my commercial campaign, it was followed up by "If only we could actually go INSIDE of one now."

Surely the Universe heard because Darcy and Jarrett live in a cute Brooklyn brownstone! Cute might be too cozy of a word. It was the largest home I've ever seen in NYC, including a back yard! I'm so ecstatic we were able to shoot there and the grass was green and the weather was splendid! 


We followed up shooting at their home with a drive down to DUMBO.
What light that night! We couldn't have conjured up a more glorious scenario with two more beautiful people.

Thank you Jarrett and Darcy for trusting me with your memories. Thank you for the incredible night on the town including tapas and homemade Brooklyn ice cream! You sure know how to make your guests feel at home! I am so looking forward to your wedding at Barr Mansion next year!!!!