Saturday, October 22

You, my darling, are an artist

Art: Alexis Diaz

Dear You,

I have to tell you something. Somehow all of your life has led you to this point, today, here and it is imperative you know. You must know: you are an artist. 
When I write that, how does it make you feel? I know what it's taken you to get here, to even be sitting here now, reading these words. I know the desert's you've traveled alone, blistered feet and heart. I know the oceans you've swam too close to drowning, to succumbing to the seas, but you are here. You're not dead yet. Wildly your heart is pumping inside of your chest. All you've ever dreamed is within sight, so close, almost within reach. Chasers of the light, we are. Put your hand on your heart. Drown out the noise around you by feeling the power caged inside of your chest. Such a time is this. To be an artist is to be human; it is to accept that inside of you is the raw power to create. To be an artist is to legitimize your role on this earth: you have one voice, one heart, one soul and it is crying out within you to be heard and shared and understood. To be an artist is to accept yourself, embrace yourself exactly as you are, a beautifully flawed imperfect fabulous human being, to embrace your quirks as uniquely you for all we are and aspire to and create and convey and touch has the ability to be art itself: "I think everything in life is art, how we dress and how we drink our tea, the way we write and the words we speak..." To be an artist is to embrace all of this inside of us with the understanding, the gentle gift of grace that the only one we are ever supposed to look like, sound like, be like, is ourselves. 

It is only then, that quiet moment of epiphany, the cold and broken hallelujah sung to our own bleeding hearts that then and only then can we open our heart wholly and fully to another. 

It is only after you stand humbly, proud and defeated in front of a mirror and peer with fresh eyes on this former lump of clay, this body, these hands now palettes of potential that you can speak: 

Then and only then will you understand what it means to collaborate, to have and cultivate successful beneficial partnerships, for you have conquered the hardest victory. "I have seen the enemy and it is me."

Welcome Home.


PS: "You'll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips, airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs but people more than anything else you will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation to believe better things." - Jamie Tworkowski

// This is the intro to my forthcoming book "Anti-Collaborator": Dissecting the psychology of collaboration and reminding each of us that yes, you my darling, are an artist.

Friday, October 21

The Wythe | Brooklyn's Most Darling Boutique Hotel

I had the pleasure of staying at the Wythe again during my Brooklyn visit.
My friend Gina who lives in Brooklyn paid me a late night visit and sighed "Oh Carli... this room does feel so much like you." I couldn't agree more. The simplicity. The hand-drawn custom wallpaper. The raw wood and leather. Clean lines and understated elegance. 

Under Peter's direction and Kimia's exemplary eye, The Wythe is my favorite. 

They're soon to be offering packages that include champagne, flowers and a darling banner.
Don't say no! Brooklynites and adventurers alike, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you darling Peter and Kimia and every other lovely soul that made my stay exemplary, once again. I shall return! Never soon enough! 

Thursday, October 20

The People of Patika Coffee | Austin, TX

Don't break my heart. Don't tell me you've lived in Austin, visited Austin for more than a weekend and have never been to Patika Coffee on South Lamar. Come for the coffee, stay for the scones.
 Maybe meet the owner, Andy, his welcoming demeanor.
The music on the weekends. 
The light in the morning. 
The cool of the shaded patio as the light fades.
The bar just the perfect height to have a standing desk. 
This could be one of two coffeeshops in all of Austin that when I order decaf, they consistently make sure they're giving me decaf. That's reason enough to return.

I've never had a bad *anything* here and there are rumors (oh those rumors!) that Patika is expanding it's menu. I asked where they get all of their fabulous pastries and it's no wonder they have a pastry chef on site! So get on over here if you haven't already heard how awesome this place is. Or wait.. maybe ignorance is bliss? 

I've only been talking about the space, 
but these people? 
I've been going here maybe a little over a year
and every new barista I meet is just as amazing
as the last. Andy sure knows how to pick these peeps!

And here is the darling Michael (above!) and Andy below. 

You're the best, Andy! 
Thanks for letting me be a small part of Patika,
for sharing the story of this beautiful space, food and people with me! 
The pleasure's all mine! 

Cheers to adventures ahead!