Sunday, February 15

maybe my words can save me | #besomebody

If you live around Austin, maybe you've seen the big billboards with the #besomebody hashtag. Did you know that it's not an Apple ad? Neither did I, until I read an article about it in Austin Monthly and checked out the site. It's world changers, my friend, just like you.

This poem was on their blog and it cut me to the core, written by the founder, Kash. 
It's beautiful. 
I printed it and walked up to Johnny,
and read it.

And now, the resurrection of InkedFinger's Poem of the Week.
Thank you, Kash, for the inspiration. :)

Tuesday, November 11

The Magic in Cotton Fields and Horse Farms

" I don’t photograph much these days (for myself) , but here is a messy little collection of images I haven’t shared yet. Mostly work with a little love thrown in."  - Nirimi

Sunday, October 5

It's all in the Details | Sandra's Family Portraits

It's not every day I wake up to this sort of a sunrise...

And I've been so horrible about blogging lately I can't even apologize for it anymore. I've lost count of the shoots to edit and of course we wouldn't even be here without the constant referrals of you all!
 Thank you!!!

So Sandra called several weeks ago telling me it was her father's 75th birthday and she wanted to do something extra special for him. We talked about how she had walked through Nicole and Sean's house and she gushed (and I blushed) when she mentioned she saw the photographs we shot. We talked about how she wanted to incorporate a chair into the shoot for her father from the fabulous Loot Vintage Rentals, and use Millie and Mox clothing for the kids, but what I was MOST excited about is Sandra is a stylist herself and I could only imagine imagine the details she would come up with! So I met her a M&M to help with the clothes and she did all of the rest herself!
Way to go Sandra and family!

And a huge thank you to Ashley for assisting the day of with getting those babies to smile! What a team! :)

Here's just a sneak peek of what's to come!

Sunday, September 28

Hello fall.

We've a dozen shoots to edit. And then there's this blondie...