Wednesday, January 30

Conference and Computers

I'd never been to a photography conference before. So 5:30 last night I made my way to the Marriott for some serious note-taking and mind-boggling lighting techniques.

Four hours later and barely half a page of verbiage later I wondered if my $19 could have been better spent on a book about lighting!! I did get a chance, however, to look at some pretty sweet album samples at the trade show before the conference and got some great ideas! So maybe my $20 was not in vain? I love creating digital albums and the software programs we photographers have these days make editing simple and efficient.

As soon as I get my sample in, I'll take a plethora of pictures. With a leather cover, an 1/8 in inseam and flush-mounted, I can't offer my couples a better album!

Anyway. Saturday I have engagement pictures at Star Hill Ranch and the main UT campus in Austin with Karis and Richie. Then Sunday it is back to Blue Star with Carola and Joe. I can't wait! Pictures to follow. :)

AND I bought my first mac today! I'm sitting in Austin Java as we speak reveling in the world of Apple Computers.
HEL-LO sleek, white, easy-to-use, fast efficient mac!
Bye-bye virus-infected turtle-ish slow uncool pc.

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Deborah Berard Photography said...

Awe... but you had some great company right? LOL!!! Thanks for spending some time with me... I love the new pictures from your shoot!