Friday, February 8

Inspiration. Mine.

No one ever told me it was wrong. So from the inception of my love of photography I've been obsessed with great photographers and their photographs. There's nothing new under the sun. No picture, no perspective that hasn't already been photographed. 

I remember one of my photography professors in college had a rather eclectic office with photographs plastered all over the place, torn out of magazines, ripped from books, taken by friends and I'm pretty sure that not a single one of them was his. Perhaps. But I never asked him. I felt like I was in the hall of fame every time I walked in and he politely urged me sit down amid the photography books piled high all around. I loved it. I want an office like that. An office dripping with inspiration

... and although I feel today's world would rather read something on the computer and demand it digitally then hold a copy in their hands... I will always crave a book.

But alas! I nod politely at the internet. For without it's inception I would not have within my reach such a wealth of great photographers, their works and their lives. 
Here is my inspiration, from the world wide web: Enjoy!

I would love for you to share your favorite photography sites with me, too! All those inspired by beautiful photographs and art junkies alike--- unite!
(Special thanks to Renee for inspiring this blog. :)


r view said...

Love the new site! Definitely bookmarking as a favorite!

Anonymous said...

As always, love the photos. Wish we lived closer to share our passions. Always remember your favorite sister-in-law. Love ya kiddo.