Monday, February 25

Ashley + Noah = Engaged!!

Ashley loves Austin. Noah's from Boston. And what a beautiful pair they are!

So Renee and I had the opportunity to photograph these lovebirds as the sun set on the ol' Texan capital last night:

I'm super excited because we get to photograph Ashley's wedding at Vintage Villas in August. Woo-hoo! I love this place. Sophisticated. Elegant. A lot of natural beauty. And the eptiome of Austin.
I like to think the 360 bridge and Mt Bonnell are iconic as well. So when we discussed where to do engagement portraits and Ashley mentioned she had a lot of out-of-town guests, these spots were the perfect pair!
(Kind of like Ashley and Noah. :)

inkedFingers also has the privilege of photographing Ashley's bridals. Hopefully we can find a field of bluebonnets and let loose! :) What's more Texan than rolling hills of bluebonnets??


aprovencal said...

OMG............These pictures are AMAZING!!! I can not wait to see more :) You and Renee really have a gift!


r view said...


John said...

Great looking couple! Great photography!