Saturday, February 16

Austin on Sunday!


This is the first weekend in weeks I have not had a shoot! (I have plenty of editing to make up for the time. ;) There IS the big marathon up in Austin that two of my brides are training for, so "Go Tiffany and Jamie!!!" Woo-hoo! If I arrive early enough tomorrow I will be hanging out at the finish line to snag a few photos.

I will be in Austin most of the day so if I have not been able to meet up with you over the last couple of weeks, call or e-mail me so we can get together tomorrow. I have any time after 3 available.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot prettier outside than today! Eliot (my golden retriever) has been running laps around the house for being cooped up for two days! Ah!

It's off to an appointment with me. Coffee for the third time today! (What's not to love about my job? :)

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