Monday, February 4

A Business to Call Mine

Today was such a beautiful day!! Although editing from my two shoots this past weekend did not allow me much time outside, I opened all the blinds in the house and basked in the glowing sun. Someday, in the house I own I will have floor to ceiling windows in my office. That would be very nice.

Speaking of which, I am finally growing accustomed to this whole "working from home" thing. I used to look enviously at those who said they worked from home, inwardly laughing. "Is that legal? How can you call it 'work' if you're still in your pj's at 3PM? Not fair!" My perception has changed since I am now one of "those." And I now admire and look with much respect upon those home-workers. Sometimes, it's like the work never stops. With your office only a few steps away why would it stop?

So this new year, with resolutions rampant I resolved to create a routine that would allow me to work AND play. And playing for me is reading the three books I have started simultaneously without finishing. My Name is Asher Lev, The Meaning of Wife and The Count of Monte Cristo. The latter I have already read once through but it so changed my life the first time around I felt I needed the inspiration at least one more time. :)

Anyway. Because this is a photographer's blog I couldn't not post a picture today. My poor puppy Elli has had this Elizabethan cone on her head for the past week because we had her spayed. I haven't taken a single photo of her despite her pathetic appearance. LoL. So here is her debut: Eliot Jane. Conehead and all...

(Quick update on my website, The server is down indefinitely. It's completely out of my control, though and I'll let you know as soon as it's back on line!) Have a great evening! Now, it's back to work.... oh wait. I'm already there. :)

*InkedFingers Fotography*


Anonymous said...

Carli, I love your blog! Blogging is so fun, no? Your doggie is so cute. And I totally feel you on the working from home thing. There are days when I'm sitting in my cubicle wishing so badly that I could work from home, but then I remember my first job after college (only had it for a few months) and it involved a lot of working from home. Some days it was great, but I got so darn lonely and bored. And I also had a hard time deciding when to stop - it's definitely difficult to separate yourself from work and home when they are one in the same. Anyways, your blog looks great - keep up the good work!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey since your dog has finally seen the cone like both of ours have and you documented it Hershey and Chocolate would like to convey their distress that they feel for Elli. How we humans find such little things full of humor our dogs will never understand. So hopefully this makes you laugh. Love ya kiddo