Monday, February 25

Get'em While They're Hot!

(Random favorite photo of the day: Tiff and Jeff. :)

Good afternoon beautiful brides and your fiances!

I have had an overwhelming response to engagement and bridal portraits the past few weeks... And we're gearing up for wedding season here at inkedFingers!

My first wedding of the year is March 8 here in San Anton where I'll be dancing the night away with the fabulous Laura and Erick on a rooftop terrace. To all of you late bloomers who love to do things spur of the moment, even if you are entertaining the thought of bridals or engagements and your wedding isn't until November/October/December, please schedule your photo shoot with me ASAP. All of March is pretty much booked and I have only a few days available in April!

I'd hate to have you miss out on the fun because I don't have any other days available! E-mail us today!

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Anonymous said...

Love the bridge reflection off the water!