Sunday, February 3

Joe + Carola = Engaged!

I had the privilege of photographing Carola and Joe this morning at Blue Star Arts Center and those two are so funny! I had never met Joe before, only went to coffee once with Carola and the two computer geniuses (she's web design, he's programming) are both from Germany! So they didn't get out the beer mug like I thought they would (nein.) but I did coerce them into some good ol' fashion kissing. lol. I like to call it "kissing on command" which, they didn't really seem to mind.
Take a look at these cuties:

This is a tree behind some of Joe's parent's property. It had an incredible root system!
Here is Joe's classic shot, he called paparazzi (OK. So I was hiding behind a palm tree :)

LOVE love this red wall against their black shirts.
And by far one of my very faves:

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