Wednesday, February 20

Save-the-Dates vs Event Cards

Ah! I just got Karis and Richie's save-the-dates in today and they turned out awesome! I love the pictures they chose!

In each of my wedding packages, I offer save-the-dates OR event cards. I have had a lot of questions lately about the difference between the save-the-dates and event cards and the purpose of the event cards.

1. Save-the-dates and events cards are identical in size, shape and appearance. The only difference between the two, are the words we choose to put on the cards and when and where they are distributed.

Save-the-dates are usually ordered at least two months prior to the wedding and placed in the envelope with the invitation or sometimes mailed even before the invitation to let your guests know to mark their calendar for your wedding, now! These are if you have a lot of out-of-town guests so they know to book travel soon!

The event cards are placed discreetly on the guestbook table at your wedding for your guests to take home and are an easy reminder to view all of your fabulous photos! If you have a lot of guests, this is a great way to let US do the work so you and the groom don't have to e-mail the link of your photos to 240 e-mail addresses!

2. What DO we write on the save-the-date vs the event cards?
For save-the-dates, your wedding date and "Save the Date" most importantly!
For event cards, we'll compose something like "Two Lives Now One" or "The Marriage of..." It's up to you.
Both cards will include the site information where we will have your engagement, bridal and wedding photos posted, but we'll also put your wedding website on there as well.

Whew! That's a lot of information! I hope it was easy to understand and just let me know if you have any other questions.

Carli.... over and out!

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