Friday, February 22

Spring is in the Air

Friday morning. The last day of the week. Sunshine. 60 degrees. And the caramel sweetness of coffee beckoned.
(So here is a cheesy pic of me at Its a Grind. Love this place. :)

I spent a few hours last night with the newest addition to InkedFingers: Renee!!

After meeting my husband for the first time in a coffee shop, I could already tell ya great things came from breweries! haha It wasn't too long after I bought my mac when I was sitting in Olmos Perk, a coffee shop close to downtown and Renee politely inquired since I have a mac and she has a mac, could she could borrow my mac powercord? I said yes, and of course the rest is history.
(So if you need some inspiration... just go get ya some joe. Something good is bound to happen. :)

Renee brings so much to InkedFingers! If not just her background in architecture and her time spent in New York, (woo-hoo!) I value her vision and then ability to execute all to bring that idea into fruition. Me, on the other hand, am a 100% dreamer. Idealist. So with Renee's organizational abilities and creative mind InkedFingers is already growing in ways unimaginable!

Speaking of ideas, if you, my friends, ever have any suggestions or recommendations for us, I really want to keep improving InkedFingers and I welcome any and all feedback. Right now, for example, all I offer are the tiny 2 3/8 x 3 3/8 save-the-dates. If you'd be interested in us carrying a variety of other sizes and/or save-the-dates a little more customizable, let me know! The more I hear from you guys, the better I will be able to serve you!!

*sigh* This week has been very eventful but I really look forward to this weekend. I have meetings with two great couples. A shoot on the 360 bridge with the cute Ashley and her fiance Noah.

And the sun is shining. Thats enough to make me happy.

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r view said...

What a sweet post!
I LOVE working with you :)