Monday, February 11

Two in a Day

"Heffeh, would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?"
"A what?"
"A plethora of pinatas."
"Oh yes, you have a plethora"
OK. So I think The Three Amigos is one of the greatest movies ever. I guess Tiffany and Jeff did too because we were interchangeably quoting the entire movie all Sunday morning! Of course, with me singing "My bonnie lies over the ocean! My bonnie lies over the...." who wouldn't laugh?! And with Ms. Tiffany running the marathon this Sunday (OMG!) we had to start our
shoot at Town Lake. Then we finished off at the Capitol.
Hey Jeff... here is your picture for your desktop. :) And no, it isn't a senior picture. LoL
This one is so cute up close!
I rarely have two shoots in a day, but Sunday I did! And thank goodness the sun FINALLY emerged around noon, just in time for me to photograph the beautiful bride, Lori.
Man oh man.
People would not stop commenting "Oh! You are so beautiful!" "When are you getting married??" Then for a little while we even had ourselves an audience on the Capitol lawn!
Lori is a videographer whom I met at a wedding I photographed out in Leakey, TX last year. And it's a shame that such a beautiful face is always behind the camera and rarely in front! Lori, you were such a good sport! Thanks for putting up with myself AND my husband shouting directions at you.
Here's a little shout-out for Lori. Need a wedding videographer? We work great together! And she's cute, too. :) Patterson Productions.


Anonymous said...

So where were you and your camera when I married your brother. You have an eye for this kiddo.

John said...

Beautiful pics Lori!