Sunday, March 30

10K + Camera + Rain + Cute Couple= Bliss!

(Gaby and Daniel are engaged!!)

What fun!!!

The sky was grey this morning as I drove up 35 to Austin. There were projected scattered showers but it wasn't raining. Although this isn't my most desired weather for pictures, I am never one to cancel a shoot until I know that I know we can't take photos!

Gaby and Daniel-- thanks for being so crazy fun!! :) After only photographing for like 10 minutes it started to rain.... and someone came up with this crazy idea that since the Capitol 10K downtown was only seconds away why not throw Gaby and Daniel in the middle?! Woo-hoo! Don't know if the pictures do the scene justice but picture this: thousands of runners. one small blonde girl holding an umbrella and two cameras with people sloshing in the puddles whizzing past. and most importantly, one cute couple holding each other, the object of all attention!

Fun. Fun. Fun.
(And my own impatience will not allow me to further edit the plethora of photos we took. I have to blog about it now!! :) haha. This was hilarious! The runners, after catching on to what we were doing starting high-fiving Daniel and clapping and "woo-hoo!!" ing.
Don't think I've ever mentioned this before: I love my job. *big grin*

(And oh yeah... thanks for the umbrella, Daniel.)