Sunday, March 23

Alison + Japanese Gardens = Marvelous

Hopefully worth the wait... presenting Alison's bridal portraits!

Perhaps because it was Easter weekend or because the Japanese Tea Gardens had recently reopened, the grounds were swarming with families!! So it was difficult to take a wide angle shot of just how beautiful the gardens were with people everywhere! Thank you for your patience, Alison, as visitors were streaming by us the whole shoot and the heat blazed. You looked stunning and everyone there couldn't help but stop and stare. :) Ben is one lucky man!!!

I LOVE this one. You are gorgeous!
I think Renee is hiding in the background on this one. :)
How long did this shot take us with families passing every few seconds? hahah
Very very elegant...

Expect more pictures in the coming days of Joe and Carola's wedding-- perfect weather, perfect wedding, now I hope you can have perfect memories of a beautiful day!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Amongst all the people the shoot was very exciting because Alison, of course, was the main attraction!!