Thursday, March 6

And the Winner Is...

Erin and Keith! woohoo!

Every month, I give an 11x14 print on canvas away to one lucky client of mine. How did Erin and Keith win?! It's too easy. They had the most comments on their photoshoot which I posted here on my blogl This is the first month I have done this contest and since Erin and Keith had by far the most family and friends comment-- it was a wash! Com'mon people! Send your friends and family to the site and have them post a single comment on your photo shoot! February's contest is over... let's get March on the run!

It is an incredible feeling when I photograph a couple whom I have never met before, that I discover I would probably hang out with outside of work anyway. :) Erin and Keith are just that cool. Despite the pictures I already posted on their initial blog, here are some more of my faves. Congrats, Erin and Keith!

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in_a_blink photography said...

Again, the second to last photo is my favorite! Great shoot girl!