Monday, March 31

Marvelous Mondays I

The first of many many many Marvelous Mondays...

These are faves from my editing today, all from Alison's bridal shoot at the Japanese Sunken Gardens.

This lovely lady on the bridge is Alison's mommy. Thanks for helping us out and hanging around with us crazies. :) Renee took this picture while I was snapping away at Alison.And speaking of Renee... She's my assistant/2nd photographer/poser/model/business organizer and here she is while posing for pre-shots on-location. She is the bestest!!!!!!! And outside of just being a cute picture of her, I love that I have documented all the stuff she carries around for me. *wink Thank you Renee for all you do!

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Anonymous said...

crazy girl! posting photos of your partner :)