Thursday, March 27

Magnificent Marvelous Mondays!!!

I know.

It isn't Monday-- it's Friday! But I am starting a new trend today for all Mondays in the future!

Every Monday I am going to post a few of my faves from the shoots I have been editing all week. Think of it as the "best of"s. ;)

Usually the first pictures I post from shoots are what initially catches my eye and it seems like recently, the more I edit, the more goodies I find!

So... keep your eye out Monday for the official commencement of "Marvelous Mondays" and have a fantastic Friday!!! (I love alliteration.)

PS: I got all my hair chopped off this morning for my summer cut :) (see below) Hooray for short, easy, manageable hair!


Anonymous said...

I like the haircut. The pictures are beautiful. You nephew just has four words for you: Cookies please, Aunt Carli

John said...

Your hair looks beautiful! And your hot!