Tuesday, March 25

Vintage Charm

For having such a crazy long day, Christine, you were just too easy to photograph! I could barely get a sentence out... "Could you move your han--" and you knew exactly where to put it! Beautiful. And your wedding, I can already tell will be nothing less. :)

Renee and I drove out to Dripping Springs this afternoon to photograph Christine's bridals at the Hamilton Pool Reserve. We were rained out last Tuesday (the first time that has EVER happened to me!) so the gorgeous weather today was adamant retribution. :) Hooray!


aprovencal said...

Carli these photos are AMAZING!!
I love the vintage frame!

Anonymous said...

So I showed Holly these pictures and she just is in awe of your talent. We all miss you and can't wait to meet John. Come visit us please.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great photographs, I especially like her in the water. Your so talented Carli!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures.. especially the one with the big frame. love love LOVE it!! :) You are amazing my friend..