Sunday, March 23

Voonderbar is Wonderful!

(Joe + Carola = Hitched)

Friday evening I arrived at Joe and Carola's rehearsal at Los Patios and was blown away by the towering oak trees and natural ambiance, not to mention the warmth of their families, half of which traveled from Germany and as far as Singapore! Since the majority of Carola's family was from Germany, I did learn one particular German word I couldn't stop saying all night, "Voonderbar!" which means "wonderful!" That appeared to be the thread that ran through both days as Joe himself proclaimed at the reception "Carola did such a great job planning everything... I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day."

The weather was beautiful. The cello and violin hummed as she walked down the aisle. The food was spectacular. The candles burned such warmth and everyone danced free-spirited to the jazz at the reception. Such love between families is the reason I am a wedding photographer...

Now onto the photos!! :)

The trees were this big and beautiful across the entire grounds! Simply lovely.
I thought it was so cute at the rehearsal when Carola made sure they even practiced the kiss! Awwwwww. Here is the real one! :) This is just moments after Joe highly praises Carola for such a perfect wedding. Joe's dad is on the left and Carola's parents on the right. This was Carola's idea to take one of the pictures we took at the engagement sesion and have it specially matted so people could sign. Neither of us had seen a photo frame to sign this large, and it turned out great!!

Joe + Carola's Outstanding Wedding Vendors
Venue and Caterers: Los Patios
Music and Entertainment: TOrcH to give a quick shout out to the band, TOrcH, above.

Love your jazz. Got your cd. I totally recommend you. :)

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She is a really great singer!