Saturday, April 12

Work Hard. Play Hard

I blog from the capitol of Texas (yee-haw!) while I listen to the lapping of water under this deck at Mozarts. Haven't been? OMG. It's worth visiting at least once a week. Life is too short to not sip a latte by Town Lake if you live in Austin. And the espresso is delightful.

Last night I met up with some ol' buddies to listen to some sweet jazz: TOrcH. Remember my blog about them two weeks ago? Just so happens they were here in Austin the same day I was. Seela, the lead singer SO much reminds me of Billie Holiday and I am in love with all things as sultry as her voice. Frank Sinatra. Big Band. Pink Martini. Call me an old soul but these are some of my faves. I almost brought one of my cameras because we were sitting just three feet from them! But alas, I don't own a camera that can slip into my pocket and I just couldn't see a tiny black dress and a Nikon DSLR strapped over my shoulder. Last night was a well-earned night on the town.

(TOrcH photos from Joe + Carola's wedding.)

My husband and I just finished a run on Town Lake. The sun is shining brilliantly and in approx. 8 hours Christine and Nathan will be one. There couldn't be a more perfect day in ATX to be married.

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BrainDeadHippie said...

your pics of torch are awsome - when carola and i saw the first one we did a double take - thinking it was off of a rolling stone cover or something and these make it look like our wedding was at some small classy jazz bar...anyways maybe we will see you next time torch plays at luna
- joe of joe and carola