Thursday, April 10

Austin or Bust!

So.... When you were in high school and you were on a long road trip with friends/family did you ever beg your parents to let you write the city you were driving to and then "OR BUST!!" on the van windows? Common. Everybody did it. :)

If you see a little black Saab with "AUSTIN OR BUST" in shoe polish on I-35N-- wave! It's me. :) All of that to say, I have three shoots in Austin this weekend including family portraits on Friday, a wedding at Zilker on Saturday and engagements Sunday morning on the 360 bridge. So I decided it was in inkedFingers best interest to just stay the whole weekend in Austin!

Which means a run on Town Lake Saturday morning!!! Woo-hoo! Running parallel to 1604 just isn't the same. :)

If I don't get a chance to answer my e-mails, I will be back in my San Antonio office Monday morning. Until then, everyone have a fantastic weekend and be looking out for some crazy photos from the next three days! This weekend is going to be fabulous!!

(I can feel it in me bones. :)

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