Monday, April 14

Christine + Nathan = Hitched!

Allow me to post three photographs in which I will attempt to sum up the entire wedding:

The wedding at Zilker Park was GORGEOUS! The candles stayed lit, the frisbee golfers just ten feet away politely stayed ten feet away, the temperature never rose above 79 degrees, the bridesmaids and bride arrived on time and all the groomsmen cooperated perfectly for pictures! (Oh yeah, not to mention how the bride and groom are so incredibly cute! :)

So don't be surprised if in a few weeks from now you are still seeing remnants of their wedding on this blog. This bridal party gave inkedFingers complete creative freedom and, of course, we work best that way! We still took some traditional shots but with such a silly group, everyone standing around holding bouquets just wouldn't suffice.

Nathan's little brother Kyle was the comedian of the night! I LUV how this turned out vintage! We took Christine and Nathan for a stroll downtown and found this furniture store with all the light fixtures... how sultry! :)

Christine + Nathan's Outstanding Wedding Vendors

Ceremony: Zilker Park, Austin, Texas

Reception: Children's Museum, downtown

Mariachi: Three cute men

Catering and Florals: Christine and Bridesmaids


Anonymous said...

Amazing Work, InkedFingers!

Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful night for a beautiful wedding. We can't wait to see more pictures. Carli is a phenomenal photographer. Thank you for being so accommodating.