Sunday, April 27

Finding the Presence of Light

I was fascinated in one of my photojournalism courses in college to learn the word photography literally translated from greek means "light drawing."

I was an avid photographer as long as I could remember, but the first time my professor challenged us to find the presence, the direction of light prior to taking any photograph, my photographs drastically improved.

Thus the title of my blog emerges... to find the presence of light.

But I also believe, in the reworded verbiage of my great friend Mary Ellen Neal, "The camera photographs thought" and a photograph captures nothing short of the soul.

Perhaps this is why I am so fascinated with photojournalism, capturing a person in their natural environment. A crooked-smiled little girl with a beautiful soul will tell the world through a simple photograph she is the epitome of love. Another reason I can never photograph my clients in the sterility of a studio, back poised, gaze fixed. I want to know who you are.

And in my meager attempt at questioning your character, I discover that more than the tilt of the camera makes a beautiful picture.

My two nieces. Kerah and Sadie.

(I pray my children, one day, will be half as beautiful. :)

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl. Her smile illuminates her personality and boy does she have that! Great photo Carli!