Tuesday, April 8

For Bride's Eyes Only.

Hey Gals!

Guess what?! Renee and I have been brewing some incredible ideas/get together's for my brides and we are finally able to unveil
(drum roll please)

the CUPCAKE PARTY!May 4th, 2008


Now what the heck is a cupcake party? As defined by Webster, a cupcake party is:
Cupcake party: noun, sometimes an active verb used to describe a gathering of a large number of brides for typically more than one purpose, not limited to but including the following activities: decorating and eating cupcakes, drinking sangria and other palette friendly beverages, practicing bouquet tossing over the shoulder, giggling and discussing other wedding frivolities.

OK. So I really made it up! But it sounds good! :) Since I AM your wedding photographer there will also be other great photography-related information of course (!) like all of my secret tips on how to pose perfectly for that big day and I'll be giving away photography-related prizes!

Right now I am looking for a beautiful bride in the Austin vicinity with a house that can hold 10-15 people to host the party. You will be treated VERY kindly. Please respond ASAP if you do have a house or apartment that is large enough to accommodate that many people. Thanks in advance!

Get excited!!! I will be sending out an official e-vite soon and bringing newly engaged friends is highly recommended. Until then I shall leave you with a few tantalizing appeteasers. Worried about the pounds before the big day?! Decorate a few for the fiance! Now it really is a win-win. :)

All cupcake photos taken off flickr.com attributed to:

Kylie Lambert and Chotda


Anonymous said...

mmmm...cupcakes... Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

You always do the fun things when I'm not there. Well kiddo I miss you. Can't wait to talk, I have had a coule amazing days. Love and miss you.

Anonymous said...

Am I invited?.... Alright, I won't crash your CC party but only on one condition... You leave something before you go...