Tuesday, April 29

Lauren + Patrick = Engaged!

Two months with a cast on is one heck of a ride, but Lauren's done it AND we even photographed some incredible engagements on the UT campus despite crutches and a walking cast! Can I say it enough?? My brides always amaze me!

Her dress is adorable and look how efficiently it hid her cast. :) Brilliant. At least you don't have to walk down the aisle with that thing!!! Patrick was funny, renaming his bride "hop-a-long".

I couldn't make you wait any longer for a preview...
Instead of just shoving them in front of the UT tower I took advantage of the beautiful architecture, which seemed to flow very nicely with Lauren's Roman-inspired dress. :)How cute!

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Stacy Cross said...

Wow, what a trooper she is! Cute pics - love the 2nd to last one!