Monday, April 21

Lindzi + Matt = Engaged!

Meet Lindzi and Matt.
They drove all the way from Houston last night just for me to photograph them! Well... kind of. It's a long story and they had an incredibly long drive to San Anton and back in one day but I am honored to be their photographer. I was telling Lindzi earlier today, it's after shoots like these that I am reminded how I much I am in love with my job... and my clients. :)

Lindzi has the cutest hair! And Matt? Hilarious. Within a few seconds of me beginning to photograph he said, "OK. This is kind of awkward." And within ten minutes they were completely hamming it up! So there. :) Mission accomplished.

And it was necessary and proper to take a photograph of their shoes--they were stylin!

This is my fave:
I can not wait for their August wedding! It's going to be stunning at Star Hill Ranch. Yay! Get excited! We didn't get the chance to have chips and salsa this time on the riverwalk, but next time!! Count me in.


Anonymous said...

My roommate texted me that some of our pics were already up- so exciting! Matt and I had such a great time with you yesterday. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, Nice pics of the both of you. You seemed like a nice guy but that changed when you growled at the 2 year old walking past us and then ran her noggin into a folding chair.. oh well, must be that surgeon temperament... ;)