Tuesday, April 22

Marvelous Mondays III

April is so close to over (!) and I've photographed 13 different couples/brides this month! Fun. Fun. Fun!!! But with so many beautiful couples and so much editing I haven't been as religious at posting! My clock might say 1AM on Tuesday morning right now, but it FEELS like Monday still. Doesn't that count for something? :)

So here are my Marvelous Monday photographs.

These particulars are from Melanie and Daniel's shoot last weekend, the morning after the wedding at Zilker. I couldn't let these cuties slip through the cracks!


Anonymous said...

Hey C, You know I'm always talking about your great shots but I want to say here that I really think the photo with the sun in the bright blue sky with Melanie and Daniel is a fantastic shot. You just get better with every shoot!

None said...

Where are these great bluebonnet shots taken?!