Friday, April 18

Villa Fabuloso

I love love LOVE Ashley's dress and I even more love this beautiful girl! Remember her and her fiance Noah on the 360 bridge and Mt Bonnell? With a wedding at Vintage Villas which overlooks Lake Travis she exudes nothing short of elegance.

As a photographer, there are fleeting seconds during a shoot when you can feel the energy in the picture you are about to take. I could feel it in me bones when I was taking this photograph but I didn't know how great it would be! It's so fairytale-ish!
This shot screams Vintage Villas to me!
Speaking of the above shot, which was one of Ashley's bridesmaids ideas... Ashley has THE most supportive bridesmaids! You guys rock! Fetching a bouquet (a fabulous one, I might add!) holding up the reflector, blocking sun light with your bodies, tying and retying and retying the bustle. You guys are amazing and I am so glad you have incredible peeps, Ashley! Just four months before the wedding-- I can't wait!!Saved the best for last.
DIVA!!! :)

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