Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is hardly a celebration of just the seed from a woman's womb. In honor of all the mom's of four-legged creatures of all varieties... my baby is a beautiful cuddly now 9-mnth-old golden retriever.

Meet Eliot Jane whom we affectionately call "Elli."

This first photo was taken the day we brought her home... bounding in open fields....
I luv this picture of her with my husband John, teaching her to fetch at 8-wks! With her favorite toy, "jitters."She's not spoiled, is she??And here is my baby just a few days ago. Is she supposed to be playing with that orange? Heck no. She could play with it as long as John could snap a few photos first. hah! To Mom's of every child, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

(And be looking out for Dominique and Aaron's wedding photos from last Friday!!)

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in_a_blink photography said...

SEE?! You are truly gifted because I HATE ANIMAL PICTURES. But, the one of your puppy bounding through the grass is amazing!