Friday, May 2

Introducing Mr and Mrs Reeck

I have NEVER met so laid back a bride as Jamie Reeck.

Granted, with all 25 of my brides I've never met a bridezilla either (thank you inkedFinger's brides!!) but Jamie and Tom are just too easy to please. :) OK. So I sit down with all of my bride's once, sometimes two times before the wedding to make sure we are singing off the same sheet of music. My single meeting with Tom and Jamie lasted about five minutes, tops and the whole time I kept hearing "Sure!! Yeah... Whatever! Great!" Tom and Jamie, you guys rock.

Your wedding was crazy fun and UMLAUF Sculpture Gardens was an incredible venue! The Mexican food was splendid, the dancers-- awesome and all the kids just so well-behaved. :) And don't you worry, Tom... we have plenty of pictures of you dancing.

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Anonymous said...

As the minister to this beautiful wedding....I agree with Carli - Jamie and Tom are a perfect couple and very laid back.
I'm completely honored to have been part of this couple's wedding.