Monday, May 26

Making Marvelous Monday Memories

A Photo Diary from John:

Eliot, Carli and I went to McAllister's Dog Park this evening as the sun set... they made me sit in the back since our baby got shotgun.

Here's Carli walking Ellie up to the doggie park. (She really liked this one.)
When Carli edited these she took all the colors out of the sky. :( I still lik'em though. Aren't they both cute?? It was a nice relaxing afternoon. The weather was perfect for Memorial Day. Thanks for letting me use your blog, Car!

Carli says, "This was the first sunset I've seen and was able to enjoy in months... Thanks for the memories, Johnny! Love you!"

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of you with Ellie. So I think it is pretty sad that John seat to Ellie. I'll have to talk to him about that. We love and miss you both.