Monday, May 12

Marvelous Mondays and BFFs.

It's the start of a brand spankin' new week-- get excited! I am! I LOVE Mondays because it is on this day of the week that I set the tone for the rest of the week... and between yesterday and today I am smokin' on my To Do list! Woohoo!

So here is one of my faves from Shanon and Joshua's shoot. I was planning on uploading more but the site I use has the hiccups today. :( More to come!

AND I got a call from my lost long childhood best friend Jamie a few weeks ago. Since both of our parents were in the military, we moved around a lot and managed to stay in touch until about 8 years ago. She says she found me through Google (haha!! gotta loveit) called, and invited me to her wedding! Hooray! She had originally invited me as a guest but turns out she needed a wedding photographer. So guess who's flying up to Wisconsin the first week of June?!

Awesome. I don't think I've mentioned lately how much I love my job. :) I LOVE my job. And one of the greatest honors bestowed on me is being able to photograph my family and friends...

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