Tuesday, May 20

A Week's Wonders

This morning, as I sit in Olmos Perk drinking my perfect Americano, filling my ears with the andante melodies of Coldplay, I am reminded how the littlest things make me happy. Since it has been one l o n g week since I have posted, allow me to post the "Top Eight" of my incredible week. (Apologies in advance for it's longevity. :)
From the top....

1. My assistant/2nd photographer Renee Valdres landed a fantastic job at an architecture firm last week so we won't be seeing her beautiful face as much around here. :( For all you have contributed and the passion you provided me, Renee, THANK YOU!! inkedFingers is gathering some new folk and rest assured they shall be just as passionate and will love my brides just as much as I do. (Oh wait. Who can possibly love my brides THAT much? :)

2. Last Saturday Dominique and Aaron were married at Plaza Lecea here in San Anton. Aside from just being incredibly cute, this couple is amazing! So many crazy things happened, so many delays and the unexpected, but they held each other tight and danced the night away. I often tell my brides that since my own wedding was so miniscule, "I live vicariously through all of you!" It's true. Your passion for each other, your love for Someone greater than yourselves, really shines. Your relationship tells the world what it is to truly be in love. The pleasure is all mine to capture so much beauty....

This was a last minute bride/bridesmaid diva shoot we had the opportunity to take before the ceremony... it was so much fun!!

3. It's true. I now officially have a myspace. So friend me! :) www.myspace.com/inkedfingers

4. What is Carli's favorite Jazz band of the 21st century? TOrcH!! Man I love this band, so it was an incredible privilege to hang with them last Friday and photograph at the jazz club in San Anton, Luna. This is my third post about them, so don't be surprised if you're practically best friends with them by the year's end. They are just that cool. (Here is a mini sneak preview.)

5. While employed for Starbucks several years ago, I met many great people. Working at four Starbucks between San Antonio and Austin it is surprising the number of regulars I knew not only their daily drinks and first names, but lives... Bill Rosenthal was a regular, one of those who I just happened to run into three years later, handed him my photo biz card and didn't think too much about it. A few weeks later I not only got an e-mail from a lady he referred (Dominique!) but his fiance, too! Bill.... thank you. You and Debra make a beautiful pair. She is a very lucky lady.

Usually, if I catch myself in a reflection while shooting through a window I will delete it and find an angle where it is all my subject. I just couldn't delete this one. I liked Debbie's smile too much. :)
6. Sunday was the infamous first annual UnBridaled Cupcake Party! Thank you thank you to Ashley and all of my brides and maids of honor and Renee AND Kristin who made it a success. Pictures to follow... Promise. :) With so many beautifully decorated cupcakes that deserves a blog all of it's own.

7. The new AustinWeddings.com Guide recently debuted and inkedFingers has an ad! A special shout out to everyone at the Wedding Guide for designing my ad so perfectly and for putting Erin and Keith on the intro page. Cool.

8. Have you heard the latest news? I'm booked until March 2009. What exactly does this imply besides I am not taking on any more weddings until after March of next year? It means:

a) it is my goal to keep my brides to a minimum so I can give each of you the attention you deserve. No more of this "I'm editing my brains out!" stuff. I want to be there for you, when you need, 24-7. (OK. Maybe not at like 2AM.... I need some sleep.)

b) that you will always have me as your photographer. Consistency. Consistency. inkedFingers is synonymous with "Carli Kiene." I promise you'll always get this crazy smiley blonde at your wedding, smoothing the bridge between mom and stepmom, straightening out that groom's collar, singing three amigo's songs to make you really laugh.... and/or other various peace-making belly-laughing activites to secure your wedding is the happiest day of your life. Oh yeah. And that you have some kick-ass pictures to show for it. :)

Ciao. Let's make it another stellar week.


jv5181 said...

congrats on getting booked till 09 - i'm glad carola got you when she did..having you and Torch at luna, while dancing to "our song" was like a second ceremony - we got a kick out of it
- Joe and Carola

carli said...

It was great seeing you guys there! I totally should have taken a photograph of you guys dancing during Springtime. It was soooo cute!! :) Between the both of us, we'll keep them in business. lol

in_a_blink photography said...

you obviously forgot to mention the true highlight - seeing me! thanks for the tips for san antonio shooting! i just posted some of my favorites from today's shoot!

Anonymous said...

Great wedding photo with the cross in the sky. Awesome photo Carli