Saturday, May 31

Tam & Ram Got Hitched!




(Can you see their silhouette on the left side of the veil?)

Johnny took this next fountain one... and the doggie one below! And came up with the whole "stick'em in the setting sun" thang... thanks, baby!

I can't possibly describe in words a marriage so appropriate for two people... a ceremony so beautiful... thank GOD I'm a photographer! Pictures, for me suffice. :)

Tami and Ramiro decided to see each other before the ceremony to take some kick-@$*8 pics. From my experience, we can actually take better pics of the groom's face when he sees his beatiful bride for the first time because we can stage the whole event! Woo-hoo!

How freakin' cute are both of their expressions?

Can't forget the flower girl Lucky!!
She was actually more well-behaved then some of her human competitors in the flower girl competition. ;) SOOOOO cute. Your baby did such a great job, Tam & Ram! You should be very proud!!

Man and wife.

Now what this "feeding each other cake" picture fails to convey is that Ramiro didn't cream the cake in Tami's face afterall. Too sweet for that...

Tami's bling bling!! (She had to put it SOMEWHERE with all that dancin' going on!)

Oh Erin. How do you always end up on my blog? ;)

AND I have yet to peek extensively at the dancing shots but rest assured I'll be posting more later on this week! Tami and Ramiro.... CONGRATS!!!! And thank you again for allowing me the privilege of capturing such an incredible event...

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