Friday, May 2

Tami + Ramiro = Engaged!

Tami and Ramiro... super fun, super cute... and they let me drag them all the way out to Emma Long Metro Park off 2222 and they waded in creek waters, balanced on a rock over a rocky gorge, skipped, laid in grass AND Tami is the best buddy of Erin! Cool, huh?!I realize wadding knee-deep in an Austin creek is no balloon ride, but with so cute a couple, it's hard to NOT get beautiful photographs!
Tami... SO beautiful. :) (Thanks for the referral Erin!) And be looking out for their wedding photos the end of May!

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Unknown said...

Tami, y'all are soooo beautiful! I love the pics. I can't wait to see the rest. It looks like you had so much fun. Yay!

Carli, great always. :)

Love, Erin