Wednesday, May 21

unBridaled Affair

Hey Ladies! (and Gents :)

Last weekend was the 1st bi-annual unBridaled Cupcake Party and if it could be rated solely on the blissful melt of cupcakes in my mouth or the perfect amount of fruit in my sangria or perhaps the great company, then I would give it five stars!

What is an inkedFingers-inspired cupcake party, you ask? It's an excuse for brides to get together to decorate (and eat!) cupcakes, enjoy a large glass of sangria, talk about wedding woes and wonders, exchange vendor information without the pressure of a ware-house-sized vendor show AND relax for a few hours from the stress of wedding planning all while getting to know your photographer! Woohoo.

Eh. I'll let the pictures tell the story.
Beautiful job, Erin. Exquisite cupcake decorating abilities. (She also won the free portrait session! Considering I do not get the incredible opportunity to photograph her wedding, this might be redemption in a round-about sort of way. :) Love ya.Kristin was our photographer for the event. Here she is taking a quick break from photographing to consume her beautiful creation. (Thanks again, Kristin!)
Ashley Ashley Ashley. If it wasn't for this cutie we couldn't even have the par-teh! Here is the beautiful hostess showcasing cupcakes she decorated for Becky and her s.o. Awwww. And here's Becky holding Jackson wearing the garter only minutes after the garter-flinging contest. Meg DID win. Well, that is until Erin walked in the door and blew her away! lol. It's harder than you think!
My skinny fingers tying the details onto the cupcake boxes. (Photo by Renee :)
Sad you couldn't make it??

I want to do this every weekend! Well, realistically, twice a year.

If you have never met me face to face this is a great opportunity to hang out with with my other brides and also take some great wisdom from brides I have photographed in the past. Haven't yet booked me but thinking about it? Then you MUST come. My former bride Laura was there and answered a tremendous amount of questions! THANKS, Laura!

Stay tuned for the next scheduled party!

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