Sunday, June 1


Sandra + Nelson = Engaged!

My first meeting with Sandra and Nelson wasn't that long, but for the last 20 minutes we could talk only of our babies! Today, I had the privilege of spending a few hours with Benny and boy is he a cutie.... I think he gets it from his mommy. :)

We walked from Freddies, to that crazy Austin mural, drove to the coolest cupcake trailer I have ever seen, then headed back North to the Capitol grounds.

What Sandra and Nelson are about to enjoy are Red Velvet cupcakes from Hey Cupcakes! trailer just off South Congress. They hang here a lot if you can't tell.Maybe this "ring shot" will work, Nelson?

Isn't this sooo sultry? I love it. The various shades of reds. Sandras hair. The green grass through the screen-backed chair. Where's the tall glass of lemonade with a strawberry poked through the straw?
This makes me want to giggle with excitement! Say bye bye to that bad dream, Mr Nelson and hello to that contract with Vogue.
Told ya so.

A BIG thanks to Lauren for holding those pups the WHOLE time we were photographing and suggesting creative ideas. YOU ROCK!

(Be looking for their fabulous wedding fotos Feb. 09)


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT! I am the first! Those pictures are awesome, unique, beautiful, yummy, and fun! I love them! Perfect match! Love you both (+ Benny and the cupcakes! but you knew that already).

Anonymous said...

Where is my cupcake??

Unknown said...

Awww, how sweet! hehe I love them!! Congrats again guys, I can't wait for the party...I mean the big day! :)