Tuesday, June 17

Katy + Art = Engaged!

I'm a helpless romantic. What can I say? I'm a wedding photographer, for goodness sake! That puts me around love, smooching couples, holding hands, gazing longing into each other's eyes.... you know. All of that good stuff.

Meet Katy and Art. A couple that snagged me at the wedding show and they're crazy about each other! And their wedding is on Valentine's Day next year! How cool is that?

They met me at the Pennybacker Bridge this morning and despite that we started taking pictures around 8:30AM, even then it started to get crazy hot! So thanks for braving the heat with me, guys! And I love that you both coordinated your outfits! (You can see this even better when they are all dressed up.) Way to be stylin'! Can't wait for that wedding next February!

This little leg kick was of Katy's volition. :) Luv it!

OK. So it was really hot, at least the sky was blue and the grass, green! Couldn't ask for much more.

Aww. This one is so cute!

Art's thinking, "She's mine!" Luv it. Luv all that smooshy gooshy love stuff. Yay! (Or he's thinking, "This is the last one, right so I can get out of this heat? :)

Thank you, Katy and Art, for inviting me into your lives!!

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Anonymous said...


The pictures look so good! I'm excited to see how the rest of them turn out.

The shoot was a hot, but a lot of fun! :o) At least by the time the wedding gets here in February, it will have cooled off a little!

Thanks again!