Monday, June 23

Marvelous Mondays

Today IS a marvelous Monday for today marks exactly 7 days until I leave for The City. Johnny and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary! This time next week I will be packing like a mad woman and shoring up all albums, edits and engagements I have shot over the last 4 weeks. This will be one trip I can enjoy my husband's company without drowning our conversations in work-speak! And he's taking care of the plans so all I have to do is tag along. :) Oh yeah, and take pictures. I can not wait.

By the end of tomorrow I will be placing the finishing touches on Carola and Joe's Wedding album. I think I will use their's as one of my sample albums. Don't know if I mentioned I am upgrading to 100% leather albums and beyond. Promise to show you when all of my samples come in. They are worth waiting for. :)

By the end of today, all of Alison and Ben's wedding photos will be posted. Woo-hoo! Sometimes in my attempt to post my most favorite wedding shots I have taken, I leave out some of the most meaningful shots of the evening....

The Church where they got married.

The first kiss.

The first dance with Daddy.

A toast.

A dance with an old friend.

The rings.

OK. So go on out there and make it a fantastic week! (And don't think since I am out of town next week I won't be bloggin! :)

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jv5181 said...

KICK A! another mention of our wedding!! i think at the end of the year the wedding you mention the most should get a new car!!! Make mine Yellow!
- Joe