Wednesday, June 4


When I was girl, hardly a teenager, I would sit on the stage of the chapel hall after school and peck at the baby grand. Only until my parents picked me up and only if there was no one else in the hall would I play by ear. I hardly knew that every good boy does fine and the songs I composed were of the same C, G, F chords. But the tunes were always simple, the melodies wordless and my soul knew peace there.

Today. I discovered...

I can listen to the same song for hours. The melody is wordless and the piano tune, simple.

I can gather inspiration from another yearning soul. There is nothing new under the sun but each eye sees what has gone before them. Our steps are familiar but never identical.

I can encourage my Love with just a smile. His days are long like mine. Sometimes that's all he needs and I am amazed.

I am editing now, or rather, should be editing now. A piano melody plays andante in this empty house and I conceptualize the impact music has when viewing photographs. The first dance... the first kiss... the first... makes me love my job even more. I capture life.

Today I realized I capture life.

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