Sunday, June 1

Rick + Nancy = Engaged!

I get referrals from a lot of places, but this referral was from the home-front. Rick is one of Johnny's old co-workers (back in the day, at j&j) and he also went to the same high school as John out in Kansas City! Cool. Now we're all in the same beautiful state, both wishing to be in this beloved city...

Rick met his lovely bride cycling and proposed on Mt Bonnell so we had to shoot engagements up there.
Here's a few of those artsy fartsy shots for ya, Rick. :)

If it wasn't exciting enough that sap was falling from the tree, a squirrel trapped in the branches above our heads peed on Rick and Nancy!! Below we have Rick checking to see if Nancy got any of the fowl liquids on her... I think... ...

I love Nancy's green eyes. How the lines in her dress match the vertical line of the tree trunk, the branches and spotted foliage.
I hope this photo blows the current one on your desk out of the water...


(Be looking for their fabulous wedding fotos Sept. 08)

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