Sunday, June 1

Two Weddings + Two Engagements = This Weekend!!!

WOW! This weekend flew by! Yes, I did shoot two weddings and two engagements in three days! And Yes! I'm crazy and love it! And I did spend all day in Austin today shooting those engagements and decided since it would be such a long day I'd drag the Johnny and Ellbell along. :)

Since I was in the passenger seat this time (editing my brains out. thanks johnny!) I was able to capture Eliot enjoying the breeze and sun. If at any point I am posting too many shots of this gal, just holler at me. I just can't get enough of my baby.

With all of this photographing going on, I do have a lot of editing to do! Did you know that 95% of my time is spent in the office editing thousands of images/fulfilling print orders and mailing packages? :) I get 5% to do my very favorite thing of photographing.... and the pleasure is over too quickly! That said, the next two weeks continue to be crazy busy for me as I wrap up this crazy 6-weddings-in-a-row streak, so until the last week of June please be patient in contacting me via email or phone. Thank you in advance!!

Special thanks to Kristin and Mark for driving 2 hours to Round Rock with me to photograph Tami and Ramiro's wedding!! Thanks to Josh for getting me that gig last minute on Saturday. Congrats to Rebecca for a beautiful ceremony I was temporarily proud to be a part of. ;) Only four days and I am flying on a jetplane to photograph in the frigid country of Wisconsin. Whoot!

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Unknown said...

I love that you post pictures of elli :) This one of her hanging out of the window is priceless! Truman loves to do the same except he will try and stick his whole body out of the window not knowing the power of the wind on the other side!!