Thursday, July 3


Somewhere between the rows and rows of grapes, I've lost myself. I came indifferent, really. But a friend told me, "The city is breath-taking!" and another, "I wouldn't live anywhere else!" and it was hard for me to believe I could love anything greater than Austin, or Vail, Colorado, for that matter. But here I am. In LOVE. Despite the drastic climate change even from one neighborhood to another and the constant flow of people, the constant hum of another language, another culture... I just can't put my camera away...

The first day of our travels through the wine-country I took so many photographs, my husband John finally said, "There comes a point when you stop enjoying the trip, stop making memories to preserve them. So STOP TAKING SO MANY PHOTOGRAPHS!" LOL. Understandable. So I had to put the camera away.... for a little bit at least. When you love something so much, when all you can see is things through the rectangular box.... sigh.

Here is a snippet from our travels July 1st and 2nd, to Sonoma and Napa, Pier 39 in the City and a brief encounter of China Town. Don't be jealous.

I'd heard of the wildfires in California, and here we witnessed a bit of their destruction... a haze over the wine country. If it was this beautiful with a haze, I can not imagine how a clear day would look.

A glimpse of China Town. Funny, I always say a photograph isn't complete without a person in it, but I kept taking pictures void of people. This remains unexplained...

Speaking of explaining things, don't ask. :) No I am not photoshopped in. This was on the side of Niketown and this was my idea. HAHA. I was facing the wrong way though.

The aquarium tunnel thing. Think kids would have enjoyed it more. ;)

Sunset on Pier 39. Major tourist trap, nonetheless our first real encounter with the coast. Have I mentioned already how much I love the ocean? John proposed to me on a sail boat in Vail, Colorado and here we are again, near water. I was born to live close to this.

In a department store. John told me to stand in front. Looks like some of Ashley D's bridals. lol

This was the commencement of our biking the Golden Gate Bridge tour. It was crazy crazy crazy how in just a few minutes we'd go from almost sweating to needing to put our coats on because of the weather change!

To demonstrate how dense the fog was when we were biking, this is the view up. It looked like the bridge just disappeared into the sky!!

Our bike along the beach.... If you look hard enough, you can see the outline of the bridge in the distance. It would have been awesome if the fog was not so dense!

Johnny's doing... We were on a pier just a few minutes from the Bridge. He held the camera, I did the scarin'.

And the fun has just begun... ...


Unknown said...

ahhh! carneros champagne is our FAVORITE! i had a bottle of that at the proposal. :) sounds like your trip was a good one.

Anonymous said...

Great photo of the bird. BTW, Who's the pretty girl?

carli said...

John, Stop posting anonymous posts on here like I don't know who it is! Aww... Crazy. Love you. :)

Anonymous said...

So I was talking to John Kiene the other day, and my three year old son says, "Dad who is that Uncle John Bikini"? It was great.