Friday, July 11

El Naturals.

John and I commissioned a photographer during our trip to San Francisco over July 4th. Let me just say that I realized after those 2 hours of being photographed, that God intended I stay on the opposite side of the lens-- and not model! lol. It is a challenge! (Thank you Juliet for putting up with our incessant joking, dry wit and non-model-like tendencies, to put it mildy! :)

That said, I had the privilege of photographing Katie and Richard this morning on top of Mt Bonnell and on the Capitol grounds and boy was it easy! I often say I have one of the best jobs on this planet and today reminded me again how fortunate I am. Katie and Richard, it is a pleasure to see a couple so genuinely happy with each other! You make my job so very simple... I found I just couldn't take my camera away from your beautiful faces. :) Can't wait to photograph that wedding in December!!

Look at her rock!

A big THANKS to Kristin for tagging along today (leaving for Austin at 6AM!) for lugging all the equipment around and taking some great photos. Thank you! :)

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