Thursday, July 3

John + Carli = Married!!!

Hello from the sunny (chilly) city of San Francisco, California!

I promised I would blog while I am here so here I am! It's beautiful!!! And SO much colder then I thought! In the city it's been in the 60's until noon so John and I had to go buy jackets. LoL. Besides just wanting a vacation and time to ourselves, why are we in California? July 4th marks our 1-yr wedding anniversary! woo-hoo! And in a 48-hr time span we've

+ taken over 250 photographs

+ drove through Napa and Sonoma

+ drank incredible sparkling wine

+ drove twice over the Golden Gate bridge

+ saw fishies and sharks at the Aquarium

+ walked all over Pier 39

+ saw the sun set on the Bay

+ skipped through China town

and in two hours we'll be biking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Oh yeah, in the absence of posting my own photographs (they're upstairs in our room and I'm too lazy to go get them :) I will divert you to another link. It was a surprise shoot for "us" since we've never had a pro shoot of ourselves!! :) It's proof that we're here. And talk about an eye-opening shoot! It was so weird being on the opposite side of the lens! The view was breath-taking and super windy up there so my hair is out of control...

Wish us good times. :)
And if you want a chic post card, email me your address!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the one year anniversary. Just can't believe it has been a year. Just like I can't believe I have been with your brother for 10 years and married for 8 of those years. Which means I have been one of the luckiest people for 8 years b/c I've had you as my sister. Love you.