Sunday, July 13

Cool as a Cucumber.

Mark's a barista. He's a manager at my favorite coffee shop.

Kristin's a photographer. She takes some pretty great photos and is that smiling face you've seen hanging with me the last couple of weeks.

Both moved from Austin to San Antonio, just like me! But Austin's where there heart is.

So instead of asking what we have in common, it would be more appropriate to ask how we differ. Well they have two doggies and I've just got one! :) Outside of that, not too much! After hanging out at Olmos Perk, where Mark works, I learned his pretty wife is a pretty darn good photographer and we've all hit it off ever since. His passion for espresso, Kristin's love for the camera and I've fallen in love with the two of them! :)

They've been married a little over a year, but after a little mayhem with their wedding photos and not having an engagement session, I suggested (recommended? :) that I snag them for a few hours for some good laughs, good eats and great photographs. They agreed. Boy was it a fun day!!

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talkin'.

I love how giggly they are with each other!

And I love the subtleties of this. A perfectly brewed cup of espresso is Mark's life. Well, and his wife. And... his vespa. lol

This photo screamed your names. So I replied. And it makes me crave espresso even though it's 9PM.

Thank you, Kristin and Mark for such a good time!!!!!! See. I knew you'd be fun to photograph.

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Anonymous said...

Hon I love these pictures.