Monday, July 7

Marvelous Monday

Mondays are always marvelous, did you know? Today is so grand because I got to rustle through five solid days of mail! That's always exciting!

The coolest two packages I ripped open both contained albums-- a 10x10 full-bleed-covered-beauty and my 8x8 leather-bound guestbook, which I am just now starting to carry. The photographs below are of the incredible Steenport wedding album. All of these albums come in a black cloth case, and this particular beauty is a hard-cover photograph instead of the typical leather. I personally have a strong affinity for the picture on the front. Imagine this sitting on your coffee table at home knowing it's you and your lovely! :)

I love how it lays so flat! Cool!

I'm no gadget guru, in fact I loathe learning new technology, but I did discover just a few minutes ago this flashy tidbit: Towards the end of this year, Marketcircle will release an iphone version of Daylite, my contact resource manager. Nice!! Translation? When I finally decide to splurge on an iphone, I can be super savvy and see all of my contacts and all of my appointments, read my email, listen to music, watch movies, plan my week and receive calls on one little device. Now that's power.

Night approaches so I shall leave you with just a few more pictures from the trip. The first is of our sailing trip in the Bay on July 4. The last is of us walking those wicked hills of SanFran. It's no wonder those people in that city have such sculpted calves.


Have a great week!

Love, Carli


Stacy Cross said...

Yall are so cute! Great albums and even greater pics of the two of you! :) Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

I like the albums. But I gotta tell you I love the picture of you walking.