Wednesday, July 23

Real Fit Austin

In the early morning hours, when one shadow is hardly distinguishable from another, I was pulling into Ramsey Park. I could just make out 8 figures in the field... or was it 9? I approached the sweating crew and already wished I would have worn lighter clothing; the humidity was thick and there was little breeze. But here they were, throwing beach balls filled with water high up in the air, lunging across a basketball court, belting out crunches after push ups and squats and runs. This is Ann's crew, waking up before dawn for "Fit Before Sunrise". The fitness class meets at Ramsey Park three days a week, is an hour long from 6-7PM and one of several classes offered by Real Fit Austin, a fitness training group started by Ann Cardenas.

I had the privilege of photographing them this morning to add some photos to their already pretty cool website. Thank you for the opportunity, Ann!!
This is the same Ann that practiced law for over 6 years before realizing her passion... So she quit her steady job and started this incredible fitness group which continues to explode with growth even in the last couple of months! This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Wanna join but don't want to wake up before the crack of dawn? There are several fitness classes available and if you gather enough folk together (7+ people?) she might even start a fitness class just for you and your buddies!

One more reason why I love my job... I meet incredible people with a goal to change the world one person at a time. Thanks for being an inspiration, Ann!! :)

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Stacy Cross said...

Wowee - 6am? My friend and I used to get up at 5am in High School and run three miles before school started. That was to increase our endurance because it was soccer season and our 3-5 mile runs in the afternoons at practice were challenging. Was I CRAZY?! Anyhoo- great pics! Looks like fun . . . if you like to work out! ; )