Sunday, July 27

The City of Muted Colors

If weddings weren't my forte, I would frequently post pictures of wind-whipped hair, friendly strangers and a long red bridge shrouded in fog. This would bring me peace. For my serenity lies in that city of muted colors, of perfectly ripened peaches and tall sails on a grey-blue sky. How I miss thee, San Francisco.

The cloudiness of the photos while we were sailing is from my water-speckled lens. The waves weren't friendly to my Nikon.
A market only on Thursdays.

The book below, NFT, stands for Not For Tourists. It was a frivolous $15 purchase the day before we left for SanFran, while strolling through Anthropologie. That little black book saved us time and time again with it's detailed maps and recommended visits. Get it before you leave on vaca. It's worth every penny.

Here I am, writing the days events, where we ate and places we didn't have time to explore. It became a daily ritual while we were there. As I go back and read it I am SO happy I spent those few minutes journaling. So many things I would have forgotten. So many great eats and grounds explored I now remember.

We both bought our anniversary cards at the same card shop in San Fran. Funny.... they weren't identical but pretty darn close.

"If you don't want to stick out in San Francisco, refrain from wearing loud, bright, pastel colors, a dead giveaway that you are a tourist. Unlike LA and other Southern California towns, we dress conservatively and comfortably in general, with usually earth tone colors and your basic black. This is a reflection of San Francisco's climate, I think. Seemingly, the sun is filtered, which makes colors muted but more vivid."


Anonymous said...

Great get away, thanks for the memories C...

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Actually makes me miss San Fran from when Holly and I went. Anyways funny about the cards because one year Corey and I did buy the exact same cards for each other. Miss you

Stacy Cross said...

We've been wanting to visit SF for a long time! These pics are so fun - sounds like a great trip. Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

These photos are absolutely amazing. Breathtaking. I would love to link your blog from my blog. As a respite from the boring drudgery of my business thinking posts, I believe my readers would delight in seeing your craft. I love the photo of the Mall with the clock.
Best wishes,