Sunday, August 10

08 /08/ 08

{ Lauren + Patrick = Married }

August 8, 2008 was a beautiful day to get married and, according to chinese tradition, very very lucky! So my 2nd photographer Kristin and I headed out to DunVegan Keep for a short and sweet ceremony and reception at the Four Seasons. Lauren and Patrick didn't have any bridesmaid and groomsmen so the family portraits went especially fast and the spotlight was on those beauties all night long.

You looked like stars, Lauren and Patrick! Thanks for letting us be a part!

Love the lace and buttons on her dress... simple but elegant.

Lauren played the violin for over 10 years so the quartet was really important to her! She had it down to the measure when she would walk down the aisle.
This is Patrick's cute sister who, oh by the way, made the fans!
Gorgeous!A quiet moment for Lauren's dad as he adds the finishing touches to his welcome speech.
What a movie star! :)

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