Wednesday, August 20

All Things New

Wednesday at seven o'clock. It was our first morning to wake up in our new home. Cardboard, clean cupboards and all.

The only thing unpacked was a half-eaten package of oreos, a lb of Verona and all the necessities to make a perfectly good cup of coffee. (And toiletries, of course.) Soooo I had to do some serious digging for my camera and memory card when I peeked out our window to see this:I think Eliot liked it too. :) But she's always been one for looking out windows anyway. I love my baby.
Now without the blinds.... Below is our backyard and the neighbors house. Because we're living on a golf course (ie: our house is butted up to hole 7 so you better not stand outside too long or expect to get pelted with a golf ball) we're not allowed to have a fence for ol' Eliot. She's learning her boundaries though. Especially when the yelping poodle next door put her in her place. Good girl, Eliot. I think she's going to like it here. With a sunrise like that, me too. :)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to visit. Good luck unpacking. Love and miss you lots.

Anonymous said...

Carli, you have an amazing eye for seeing beyond the ordinary, and sharing the amazing with the world. I hope you have much success!